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Michelea Figo
Delightfully scented goblet-shaped purplish red flowers with the fragrance of port wine. The magnolia like flowers are borne amongst the foliage of rich green, shiny leaves periodically throughout the year. A handsome and easily grown evergreen shrub, 2.5m

Michelea foggii
Hardy evergreen, very fragrant form. This is a cross between Michelea Figo and Michelea doltsopa. Large glossy green leaves with magnolia-like flowere in spring and throughout the year, Excellent for specimen planting and used for large hedges. Very hardy, 4m x 1.5m.

Michelea foggii All Spice
Hardy evergreen. Exceedingly fragrant form, almost like banana and apple mixed. Glossy foliage with flowers ealry spring. Used as an ornamental plant, hedging as group planting. Very hardy. 4m x 1.5m.

Michelea gracipies
A small compact evergreen shrub. Michelea smothers itself with beautiful white cupped 6 cm flowers, that have eye catching golden stamens. Excellent for a specimen tub. Trims well making it an excellent hedge subject. Considered one of the superior forms of Michelea because of its height and growth habit. Flowers early Spring. Hardy 2m

Michelea yunnanensis
This hardy and easily grown evergreen bears masses of creamy white flowers during Winter and Spring. Suitable for sunny or semi-shaded position. Tolerates frosty conditions. H 2m.

Muehlenbeckia complexa
A sprawling coastal shrub that grows in a tangled mass of brown wiry stems with small round green leaves. Excellent ground cover that tolerates the harshest of conditions. Sought after in many revegetation projects. Excellent for banks and hard to get to lanscapes. 75CM x 2M

Murraya Paniculata
Orange Jasmine - Commonly known as Chinese Box. Evergreen plant bearing small, white, scented flowers in spring and intermittently during the year, Grown as an ornamental tree and excellent as a hedge. Enjoys full sun. Keep clipped to maintain desired height. 2m.

Myoporum laetum
NGAIO - This New Zealand native is found in coastal areas throughout the North Island and South Island as far as Otago. It forms an attractive rounded tree with bright green lace-shaped leaves that are dotted with oil glands. Small white flowers with purple markings appear in Summer. Excellent for coastal planting where shelter is required. Sought after in large revegetation projects. Very hardy, enjoys most conditions. Frost tender when young. 5M

Myrtus Luma
A woodland tree originating from Chile. Aromatic glossy small dark green leaves with white cup shaped flowers in Summer and Autumn, followed by purple berries. Grows in most situations and soil types. Plant in sunny or partial shaded position. Excellent plant for landscaping as a specimen, hedge or tub plant. 60cm.

Myrtus Ugni (Tazziberry)
Chilean Guava - An absolutely delicious flavour with an aromatic fruit that tastes of wild strawberries. Leaves are used in tea and seeds can be roasted as a coffee substitute. The addded bonus when trimmed of forming an excellent hedge. Plant in full sun and dry to moist soil. 2m x 1m.

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©2015 Plant Production Ltd